Thursday, May 30, 2013

Exam Fever.

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious and Most Mercifull.

The frantic moments during the exam season constantly and reliably send shivers down the spine of students. Those moments when we understand that the meaning of 'Fear', is that deep wrenching feeling when pages of your book still smell new just 1 day before the exam. Library over-populated, roads barren and canteen unruffled – it will always remain doubtful what kind of uneasy sensation these brick-red buildings issue on these fate-full days in those white papers that are capable of moving even the nastiest of the students to the verge of tears.

During those catastrophic days, I used to wake up 3 to 4 times as if someone had knocked my eyelids from the restless sleep because of the nightmare. A few of those terrible "exam nightmares" were the ones in which I'd dreamt that I'm in the exam room and the toughest paper on the desk awaited me or I've almost forgot everything I've prepared and I am struggling to recall the answers in the exam paper or the whole paper was printed in some so called English like language with jargons that make no sense or that I've screwed-up the exam badly. Realizing that was just a nightmare, I try going back to sleep after having a gulp of water wishing if it was some toxic agent putting me to peaceful sleep. 

After a bit of somehow-managed-sleep, and to my surprise a flash of bright light glares all of a sudden just out of the dark into my eyes as if there some high-intensity energy source that has appeared. Convinced for a sec that it is "GOD" that has appeared listening to my prayers, I open my eyes, only to realize that my stupid roommate has put on the tube light that's right above my head to study after his power nap. Disappointed by the fact that god has ignored my prayers for the deadly exams I connect the network cable to my laptop just to check how many studious bookworms are still feeding over the books.

That is when I see the real network gods – my co average pointers, sharing the "expert-suggested-hand-picked-most-important-questions" or "how-to-pass-in-the-first-attempt" material. Those become nothing less than bible for that day. Trust me, sharing the material, combined studies and smart study groups boost just the right amount of confidence that it takes to crack the hard nut and come out of the exam hall like a roaring lion which has gobbled down its hunted prey. I think this exam fever is what all the students; if not all, atleast all the average pointers had to face every exam season.

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Nightmares, Light glares and Network-shares are a part and parcel of every students college life. The ecstacy and cries of joy let out and denizens repositioning themselves from the confinement of the library cabins to all embarrassing allies and groups at the canteen after that grueling week continue throughout the 2 years. Perhaps some things never change, they stay the way they are. Good luck !  *smile*

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